The free-to-play word puzzle game, with multiple modes and optional rewind.

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About Wordable

Wordable is the free-to-play Wordle puzzle game alternative, with Daily, 5 Letter and 6 Letter Modes, with an optional rewind.

Unlike most games, where they riddle you with intersitial ads, you'll only find one advert at the bottom, and the only intersitial ad you will see is if you choose the rewind option - as a reward.

User Friendly

The design of the app has been built with ease-of-use in mind. It is very easy to get started and continue to use the app.

Multiple Modes

Daily Word, (Easy & Normal) 5 Letter Words and (Extreme) 6 Letter Words are available.


Statistics are available for each game mode respectively. Providing you with a countdown on the Daily mode, as well as streaks and how many games you have played.

Unlimited Games

Easy, Normal and Extreme modes both offer you the ability to play continuously. There are no limits on the amount of games you can play. Go wild!



Here are just a few screenshots of the app.


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31 Jul 2022

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